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Friday, April 8th 2011, 4:07pm



Spoiler Spoiler

This mod makes the following changes to the Montana map:
- Narrower roads.
- Some delivery and pickup points moved.
- Added some red pillars to places you could back up, both for free roam (fantasy) or real deliveries.

Move both ZIP files (without uncompressing them) to your "mod" folder (usually on My Documents, Extreme Trucker 2, mod)

Please don't modify this without permission if you pretend to repost it somewhere.
For personal use, do whatever you want.

If you post this on any forum or site, link to the real file under the domain and post the credits.

Thanks and hope you enjoy it.

Download by TS24 DL Server



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Saturday, April 23rd 2011, 1:56pm

Irreo's Montana Map (NEW Update: 2011/04/21)

Spoiler Spoiler

- Fixed some terrain bug (holes, etc.)
- Added some more vegetation to mountain road to make it look less artificial (would still need work anyway...)
- Added some more life to the construction area.
- Added some horses on the mountain road.
- Added an accident scene on the mountain road, where a lucky guy got alive after crashing his car into a tree making it two pieces!
- Some small tweaks I maybe don't remember.

- Fixed a terrain blocking the b-double trailer.
- Narrowed a bit more the construction zone (this is Extreme Trucker, ain't it?)
If you downloaded the map just on april 9th when released, please download again.

- Added a new ultra-narrow mountain road.
- Important! This version almost requires you to have the no-time mod, because the road lenght is increased and the system doesn't change the mission timer.

- Just a couple fixes to some bushes where some AI traffic trailers would jump.

Latest Update:
Extreme Trucker goes Extreme!

When I drove on Passo dello Stelvio (Italy), I got in love with that road:

I wanted to do some kind of tribute to it, and I created a road similar to that one. Narrow and with really tight turns. I didn't pretend to re-create that road, I just wanted a mountain road with it's style.

I was not able to test this with b-double yet, to see if it can be done, because AI traffic crashed on to me twice on my way there and my trailer got lost. But my instinct tells me that you should be able to.

B-Double tested. You have to take the turn properly and make a couple of reverses, but it's doable. And if you don't feel like driving slowly, stoping, and backing to take a turn, maybe you forgot this is Extreme Trucker!

Screenshots of the new road:

Part of the road:

Going up with a normal trailer:

Driving carefully on the construction area:

Dealing with a couple of narrow turns (you'll even have to back up):

I don't know if this helps, but this is where the road is located:

I hope all the headaches this gave are worth it. I'm releasing it just with 2 run tests, so report me any glitches you find.

Original post:

Hi there,

I don't like roads that look like landing runways (airports) so I decided to do some tweaks to the Montana map, one of them being narrowing all the roads.

I also like backing the trucks, so I created some fantasy backing zones (not real deliveries, but playable on free roam / sandbox) and also moved some mission delivery areas to make it so you can reverse on them (if you want).

I placed some red pillars on areas where you can find a reversing spot, or directly just on the reversing area.

The map has been tested also with a double, so you shouldn't have any problems.

My advice:
If you like to speed, drive on a hurry, etc... maybe this is not the map for you. Well, you can drive at high speeds, but it requieres a lot more accuracy. Let's say that it feels more than driving a truck, not a car.

I also recommend installing the "no time mod" (you can find it on this forum), and play the game without hurries, enjoying your driving. It's not cheating, it's making it a bit more realistic.

Also, if you played a lot the normal game, it will require around 20-30 minutes to get yourself used to the new road size, but once you get the distances, the driving gets more pleasant and enjoyable (or that's the way I see it). Of course you will need to check your mirrors more often in some turns.

What does this exactly do?
- All asphalt roads are now narrower.
- Moved some delivery points.
- Removed some barriers to cut roads, farm entrances, etc.
- Added red pillars to tell you where you can reverse (optional). Some of them are just for personal fun (fantasy).
- Some other tweaks here and there.

- Just extract the files from the RAR and place them in your "mod" folder. Don't unzip the ZIP files. Leave them as they are.

- SCS for the map, models, etc.
- Me, for the editing.


If you think the map is too narrow... check this:

Download link:

Older map Download link (without the narrow road):

I did a full map test run, but only played 3 missions, so if you experience any problems post them here and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can. Any ideas, sugestions and constructive criticism are welcome.

In any case, I may continue updating this map with things that come to my mind, as Montana is my favourite map in this game right now.

Please don't modify without permission if it's not for personal use. If posting somewhere, post the link to the original RAR, or a link to this post.


Older map Download link (without the narrow road):

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